My parents want me to be perfect…

But I just want to be myself!

My parents want me to be perfect…

My parents are always nagging me about something. Like, how I love wearing t-shirts and comfortable trousers. My mum says girls should only wear long skirts and dresses. She also says I use my phone too much. I feel like I just can’t have fun anymore.

Dad has been strict with me too. I love working on computers. He dislikes the idea of me working in computer sciences. He made me drop it as a course of study in my JAMB form.

My brother seems to be able to eat, wear and do what we wants. It makes me so angry.

Lately my mum has started criticising my friends. She thinks they aren’t clever enough.

I have both male and female friends. I love them. They always support my passions and dreams. Mum thinks they are a distraction and dad says a girl should not be friends with a boy at my age. He says people will get the wrong idea. I think it is all too much. My friends laugh at me about how strict my parents are.

It is my best friend Anita’s birthday this weekend, and my parents have said I can’t go. They won’t give me a reason why not.

I respect my parents. I know they are just looking out for me, but I also want to have more control over decisions that affect me. I think I have proved I am super trustworthy, so I hope they can be open to having a conversation with me.

I took some time to calm down and made sure to talk to them when I was not angry. When I was ready, I calmly told them that I was proud of the woman I was becoming. That I study hard and value my friendships – and that I would like their support.

I gave them time to voice their concerns, and they respected my points too. At the end of the conversation, my parents both admired how mature I had become. They both agreed, that they would support my decisions more. Mum has even promised to stop asking me to wear dresses.

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