Staying safe online

What you need to know

Staying safe online

Are you new online? Maybe you just got your first mobile phone or just joined facebook. Maybe you just started using whatsapp or eskimi.

Being online is a whole new world. But like the real world it has its good and bad side

Online you can meet and make new friends, connect with old friends, get information about anything and learn new things.

There are however some dangers you might face online. This is why you need to stay safe online.

Being safe on the Internet, means that you’re aware of the dangers online and you know how to handle them.

Some risks you could face online include:

Like mean, threatening or hurtful posts, comments or messages. People might say mean things to you online. Rather than attack them send them a message that says “I will appreciate it if you stopped writing mean things on my page” or block them. To block them go to person’s profile page. Click on the three dotted buttons next to the “message button”. A menu that has option to block will appear click that button to confirm. You can also report them as spam on facebook and whatsapp.

Exposure to inappropriate materials like pornography or violence
On some platforms you can block seeing such materials , you can go to the settings and if there is such a filter. See if you can turn that on so you are not shown such content. If this kind of content is being posted or being sent to you by someone you follow you can either unfollow and block them so they are no longer able to send you messages and you will no longer see their posts. Online predators

In other words, people who use the internet to try and connect with children or teen girls just like you to do you harm. Their intention may be to abuse or have an inappropriate personal relationship with you. Sharing too much personal or private information can put you, your friends and family in danger.

If a person sends you a message asking you to send your address or pictures ignore them or block them.

You should be careful of anyone you meet online, even people who seem nice or are your own age can cause you harm. Block anyone who wants you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable even if you know them.

We want you to be as safe as possible when using the Internet, whether it’s through a mobile phone or at an Internet cafe.

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