5 myths about boys

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5 myths about boys

We’ve all heard people say, ‘boys will be boys’. That can make us think that all boys are the same. The truth is that most boys are a lot like you. Their bodies are changing and so are their minds. They are growing up too.

Here are some things you probably think you know about boys.

Boys don’t have feelings
"I get hurt and feel like crying sometimes just to show my hurt. Sometimes when I show my emotions people tell me to act masculine or like a man but I always say I am a human being with feelings too". Daniel, 16

Boys don’t want attention
“I like people to notice me sometimes. I like to be given attention. Sometimes I go out of my way to get this attention. I want to be pampered too. Not only girls need caring we men too need caring and attention". Ahmed, 17

Boys are troublesome
“Once I noticed that a girl was stained and so I quickly gave her my jacket to tie around her waist to cover the stain. A man is meant to take care of people around him. So when we make trouble it is to protect the people we love. We are not troublesome at all". Tayo, 15

Boys too like to learn
“I love to learn new things. This is why I learnt how to cook. I always get excited when I try new recipes. Even my sisters and mum say I am a better cook than them. I sometimes tell them not only women can learn to do some stuff". Francis, 15

Boys can’t be true friends with girls
“I don’t know why people say boys and girls cannot be friends, I like being friends with girls, they give good advice and they are so nice. It is not every time I want to play around with boys". Yemi, 16

Boys can make good friends. You can learn a lot from them. You can also teach them a lot.

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