5 safe and fun things to do with your friends

How to have fun in your neighbourhood

5 safe and fun things to do with your friends

It’s the month for children’s day… Yay!!!

Are you wondering one fun thing you can do with your friends that day?

Well there are a lot of fun and safe things you can do.

Below are a few of them

Start a club
Do you like to paint? You and your friends can paint a picture together. For example it can be a picture of yourselves. You can hang the paintings in your home as reminder of that one day when you and your friends had fun creating a masterpiece.

Sing or Dance
Do you love to dance or sing? Pick a song to dance to or sing. You and your friends can entertain your neighbours or other people with your song or dance steps. You can even host a dancing or singing competition amongst your age mate. This can be so much fun. It is also a new way to make more friends.

Try Something New Together
Have you ever tried playing video games? Who says you can’t play soccer or basketball. You and your friends can challenge the boys on your street to a game of soccer or running. You can go to the beach with your friends or go on a boat ride.

You and your friends can volunteer to wash cars for people on the street. You can even visit an orphanage to play with the kids there. You can volunteer to clean the home of an older neighbour.
This can be fun. It will also be a a great way to give back.
The truth about giving back or helping people is it will make us feel like good people. This feeling can make us feel happier to know that we put a smile on someone else’s face.

Watch a movie together
You can create your cinema at home. Agree on a movie you all will like to watch. Chose whose house you will watch the movie. Get popcorn or biscuits to keep your mouth busy while you watch the movie. Make sure you get the permission of the trusted adult in the house before you invite anyone over for the movie date. This could be fun if well planned.
You also can create your own movie for others to watch. For example you and your friends can decide to create a play out of a book you read or a popular story you know.
Not only will you entertain people around you, but you will also have fun. You may even find a hidden talent you never knew you had!

Try out some of our tips and let us know how much fun you had trying them out.

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