Find Your Own “Big Sister”

Connect with another awesome woman

Find Your Own “Big Sister”

The world can be tough on girls. So it’s important for us to support each other—which we do all the time on Springster.

And you know whenever you come to Springster there’s always someone special here...the one and only Big Sister!

Cue Glorious Trumpets

She listens to us and never talks down to us. She’s our biggest cheerleader around the clock. No wonder she’s our woman crush all day, every day.

That being said, Springster isn’t the only place with such a wonderful young woman. There are many other “Big Sisters” waiting to meet you out there. All you need to do is reach out to them. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn. Wondering where to start? Here you go:

Find Someone You Admire
Look around you: your family, your neighbourhood, your whole community. See if there’s any young woman who is doing something you admire. Then if you know someone who is friends with her, ask them more about her. E.g. What’s she really like? Would she be interested in mentoring you? Try not to ask questions that are out of line. (E.g. Can we meet every week?). They might just put her off.

Get Someone to Introduce You
If you like what you’ve heard, ask your friend to introduce you guys. Make it clear that you’d like her to mentor you. Simple. Her friend will pass the message across. If she’s cool with it, a meeting will take place. Remember, it should happen in public. Just be yourself; it’ll be fine. Say hi and tell her your name. Be warm and polite. If you’re nervous, practise in front of the mirror first.

Let Things Flow Naturally
After that first meeting, wait and see what happens next. Everything will fall into place in time. Keep hanging out with her in public. Keep talking to her and getting to know her well. Don’t open up to her immediately. You need to be sure all the amazing things you’ve heard about her are true. So wait until you guys trust each other completely. Then lean back and let the magic happen.

That’s all, girl. Now go out there and find your own “Big Sister.” Good luck!

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