I know that waiting is best for me

Tiwa had big questions about taking her relationship to the next level....

I know that waiting is best for me

Tiwa 17, has been dating Bayo a 21 years old who lives on her street for about 7 months.

Recently Bayo has being asking her about taking their relationship to the next level. He said if she does it , it will show that she loves him.

Tiwa was confused. She spoke to her friends about it. According to her friends most girls have tried it.

A week ago Tiwa visited her older cousin who is a medical doctor. She told her about her boyfriend. She also told her what her friends said.

Although she wants to wait, she however doesn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend. She also wants to be cool like her friends who have tried it.

Tiwa’s cousin went on to advise her on what to do

Tiwa when it comes to love you don’t need sex to show it. If you have to take your relationship to the next level, you need to ask yourself if you are ready. With sex comes consequences. You can get pregnant. You can also contract a sexually transmitted disease.

If you and your partner feel like you need to take your relationship to the next level. You need to protect yourself. By protect yourself I mean make use of a condom. You also need to discuss what to do if you get pregnant.

I will advise you come by my clinic (he should come with you too) so we can talk about your options and getting you on birth control. If you feel shy to come to my clinic, find another health center that can assist you.

If you however feel like all I have said isn’t something you are ready for then maybe you are not ready for the next level. That is absolutely fine. You are young. You still have the time to get ready in future.

Although I felt relieved about talking to my cousin but I was a bit scared on how to tell my boyfriend to allow us follow my cousin’s advise.

I told my cousin about my concerns.

She said: .

Tiwa don’t allow your boyfriend pressure you. It is really your decision to make. If you don’t feel ready and he continues to pressures you, maybe he’s just not the right guy for you. Someone who loves you will respect your decisions. And remember if he forces you to do anything you don’t want to report him immediately to me or your mum.

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