Ride or die friendship

Tips on how to choose a real friend

Ride or die friendship

In life people will come and go. But real friends will stay with you.

You can talk to them about anything. They always look out for you.

You can be yourself around them.

A real friend will help out in any way they can. They don’t look down on you.

They tell you the truth.

These are your “ride or die friends”.

Meaning they will stand by your side no matter what

Do you have friends like this already or are you trying to find them? Here are ways to spot a ride or die friend

  • They are someone that has the same values as you. You guys don’t have to have everything in common. But valuing the same things like not being a liar or helping others will make you closer. Plus if you like the same music or shows you guys will always have something to gist about.
  • A real friend believes in you. A ride or die friend won’t look down on you.
  • Someone who shows up when you need them. A friend you can count on.
  • A true friend is someone you can always be yourself around. You don’t have to act cool for them to like you. A true friend likes you the way you are.
  • You need someone you can trust, who won’t share your secrets with the whole world.

If you want a ride and die friend you need to be one too.

Are you trying to make friends? Don’t be shy. Approach someone you like at school or a new neighbour. Start with a small talk. Ask them about their day. Offer them a snack. Compliment the way they answered a question in class. Start a conversation about a music you like or a movie you just saw.

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