The Springster guide

Rules on how to be a good springster

The Springster guide

How much do you love this site? We are sure you love it a lot

We love that you love the site. We love writing for you.

You probably love the site because it is fun and safe.

We need you to help us keep it that way

It takes a joint effort to make this site fun and safe.

And so we have put together a guide on how we want our Springsters to act on the site

Here we go:

  • No bullying. Do not insult or judge people for asking a question. Do not talk down to people on the site. Allow people to share their opinion.
  • No sharing of contact details (phone numbers, address, emails, social media ID). It’s important to keep your details of our real identity private when online, it will keep you safe. You never know if people are who they say they are online.
  • Curse words or use of foul language is not welcomed on this site
  • Advertising of services, websites, or products is not allowed on this site.
  • Support and look out for one another. Is someone feeling down? Send them a message to make them feel happier
  • Always call Big sister’s attention if you notice anyone breaking any rule
  • Make friends on the site but be careful. Not everyone online is safe to be friends with
  • Big sister will reply your comments. Be patient. She sees it all
  • Share our articles/stories with your friends or on your social media pages. Share! Share! Share!
  • Remember once a Springster always a SPRINGSTER. You can learn how to become a Springster by clicking on this article

We want you to have a safe and entertaining experience on the site. One way to have a good experience is by following these rules.

There is so much more you can learn from this platform.

Keep enjoying the site. We love you.

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