Three Things We Bet You’ve Never Done With Your Family

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Three Things We Bet You’ve Never Done With Your Family

Family time is the best time ever. We get together with our parents and siblings. We gist and laugh and bond. But it can be boring to do the same thing again and again.

Here are some exciting things to do:

Play Board Games
What a great way to unwind! From Ludo to Ayo, there are lots to choose from. And the coolest part? We’ll learn new stuff about our family! We might discover our mum has serious moves. Or our baby brother loves to win. All this can make us closer to them. Pretty awesome, right?

Go On a Picnic
Sometimes we forget how beautiful nature is. Let’s pack a basket with food, drink and snacks like Gala, biscuits and chin-chin. Then pick a perfect spot for a family picnic. It could be a beach, park or garden. Or any quiet place in our community. Being around nature helps keep away distractions. We won’t even think of texting or chatting. This means we can give all our attention to our family. Let’s do this, Springsters!

Look at Family Photos
Amazing things happen when we go down memory lane. Let’s grab that old family album in the corner. Then gather around with our family. We can make fun of dad’s old school hairstyles. Ooh and aah over our baby pictures. Tease mum about that dress. We’ve made many wonderful memories over the years. It’s nice to relive them now and then.

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