When should I speak up?

Don’t be silent, say something...

When should I speak up?

Picture yourself in a classroom. You are reading a book and look out window and notice your classmate taking money from a younger child. The child is crying and begging your classmate to let him keep the money.

What would you do in this situation?

If someone around you is being bullied? Would you say anything or walk away?

What if someone hurts or bullies you?

Would you keep quiet or would you tell someone?

Lots of us face these situations. When this happens, many of us are too scared to speak up. Sometimes someone has threatened us. Or we are scared that people will not believe us. Or worse, that they will blame us.

But as a Springster you need to learn to speak up. This is because not speaking will make it more likely that the situation will happen again and as it goes on it is likely to get worse.

Also, if we let people get away with the bad things they do. They might do it to someone else.

So as Springsters let us learn to speak up when;

  • Something feels wrong
  • An action makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Someone is threatening you or someone else
  • You (or someone else) is being hurt, either physically or emotionally

Sometimes you may be scared that the person you speak up to or about might hurt you for your boldness.

In this case think of an older person who you trust and who you know has always protected you and speak to him or her privately. If you can not think of anyone like this ask a close and trusted friend if he or she knows anybody like this who you can talk to.

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